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Anual General Assembly Meeting

The General Assembly meeting held 22nd March 2014 started its deliberation with a welcoming statement by At Zemichael Gebremedhin (Chairperson of the General Assembly) to members attended. After confirming the fulfillment of the quorum, the Chairperson of the Assembly presented the agendas below and requested members for their approval. Members approved the agendas below.
1. Hearing and Approval of annual external audit report for 2013
2. Review and approval of annual performance report for the year 2013
3. Review and approval of annual activities plan with budget for 2014
4. Discussion on future strategic directions of the Organization
The Manager, Ato Amene Haileselassie, presented the activities performance report for 2013. The annual performance report included the progress of the activities implemented versus plans, targeted beneficiaries and actually benefited by each component of the project.
The report revealed that major programme components implemented by the Office were related to: small scale irrigation development; natural resources conservation and management; income generating activities targeting women and landless youth; providing eye care services to elders; supporting needy children and improving school facilities and water supply services; and capacity building.
The total income for the year was 2,548,127.51 ETB and of which the expenditure was 1,881,565.00 ETB. Detailed breakdowns were presented for the expenditure.
Furthermore, in the report the main challenges faced during implementation and actions taken to resolve these problems were presented. Of the challenges, limited capacity of staff, lack logistics/transport facilities, dalliance in budget releasing, lack of appropriate office setup, limited manpower in implementing the natural resources conservation were among others.
Strong involvement/collaboration of/with stakeholders in beneficiary selection, organizing, contribution of local materials and others were encouraging as reported.
The report was explanatory and supported with pictures of executed activities.
Participants were impressed with the achievements accomplished from the report, and they expressed their appreciation to staff members for their commitment and efforts to achieve the results reported.
Questions were asked by the members of the Assembly (participants) on the report, accordingly clarifications were given by the manager.
It was also recommended by members of the Assembly that the report should be analytical in order to show the added value of Chain of Love in implementing the respective development interventions executed.
The report also highlighted the contribution of Wereda offices and community members in the implementation of water supply in schools, natural resources like weaved gabions and overall collaboration of primary stakeholders starting from planning.
It was strongly recommended by participants that Chain of Love has to create linkages and work collaboration with other NGOs operating in the area and Universities (mainly Adigrat University) and research institutions like Tigray Agricultural Research Institute for capacity building, and introduction of improved technologies in specialized areas of work, as well as to get more experience and share resources.
Finally, the annual report for 2013 was report was approved by the members with full vote
After a rigorous discussion the Assembly has given the following directions to the Board and the Office.
 The Board in collaboration with office team has to review and update available manuals on human resource, materials and finance management.
 A Strategic Plan should be developed for Chain of Love. Terms of Reference (TOR) should be prepared by the Office and forwarded to the Board for inputs and further development, up until end of May2014. Accordingly, the planning process should be executed in the coming six months (Until the end of September 2014).
 The Board and Office have to design resources mobilization strategies locally. It can be part of the strategic planning process but it needs future attention to sustain the office.

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