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The Feast of Maria Ginbot Celebrated

Maria Ginbot Celebrated
The Feast of Birth of St Mary (Maria Ginbot) was celebrated on May 9, 2014 (Ginbot 1, 2006 E.C) by the staff of Chain of Love for Human & Environmental Development in their office. Historically, the feast is celebrated by the Christian community in Tigray and warmly celebrated in the offices too. Celebrants contribute in kind and cash according to their capacity voluntarily in order to purchase food staff and beverages. Every body participates in every kind of labor and technical works the feast demands. In this day, every worker feels relaxed and enjoys it very much.
Accordingly, starting from 1st year of establishment, when the workers of our organization were only 4, we have celebrated with coffee ceremony. This year which is the second year of celebration, we have been increased in the number staffs and with more contribution . Having dinned together, followed by the Ethiopian Coffee ceremony and accompanied by dancing with traditional music, the feast was exiting and created an opportunity to workers of Chain of Love…to share their happiness together.
We were blessed to see a gentle rain was poured in to our dried land and the telecom company delivered us a Broadband internet service into our office on the same event.
Reflecting on the day, it was clear that Chain of Love is Growing.
The ceremony was concluded by promises of each staff member of more contribution for the next year’s feast.

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