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Learning from Others

Is has become a way of learning of Chain of Love for Human & Environmental Development by experience sharing from other related development organizations . Accordingly, a two days visit (28-29/10/14) was organized to Wukro and around to learn form the best practices of St Mary College, Wukro. The program was highly successful in initiating experts of Chain of Love for critical and higher development activities in natural resource rehabilitation and management on our project sites
The program had two phases:
1. we invited a group of experts from St Mary College to assess the strengths and weakness of our soil and water conservation activities and
2. Staff of Chain of Love traveled to the project sites St Mary College to fill the gaps we have technically and conceptually.
We were privileged to obtain high level of hospitality by the organization ( including providing transportation facility), dedication of the experts to share their knowledge and best practices in both visits.
We were astonished by the multifaceted agricultural practices, researches and linkages into the community. It was also a unique experience of the St Mary College of their mobilization capacity and close relationship with local administration.
The visit was concluded by discussion of the lessons learned from both sides and agreed to continue our relationship by sharing the expertize knowledge available within the College.

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