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Registration License Renewed

Dear All,
Donors (foundations, families and individuals) who contributed their time, money and material,
Founders who devoted time, their intellectual and professional capacity,
Workers who worked relentlessly to achieve what is planned,
Stakeholders who stood on our side in every stage of implementation,

I would like to congratulate you that our organization Chain of Love for Human and Environmental Development (COL) has renewed its Registration License on May 07, 2015 according to the country’s Laws and Regulations, which enables us to work for the next three years. This was realized because of you, all concerned bodies, have worked in every aspect towards achieving the goals in which the Organization established to.
With this occasion, I would like to express my heartily gratitude for all of you for what you have done to reduce poverty and enhance well being of our community through Chain of Love.
I look forward continuing your support and participation in the coming three years.

Thank you again
Amene Haileselassie
Manager, COL

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