What is Chain of Love

Chain of Love for Human and Environmental Development envisions where poverty has been eradicated and all people in Tigray Region enjoy livelihoods that respond to their current and future needs.

Chain of Love for Human and Enviromental Development è una O.N.G. contro la povertà in Etiopia, dedicata al supporto ed allo sviluppo della popolazione nella Regione del Tigray.

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NAGAYE Project

Bicycle for social - Events for cyclists from Italy to Ethiopia

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Staff of Chain of Love
Teum Adoumar, Accountant (2)

Teum Adoumar

Accountant of Chain Of Love O.N.G.

Gebreslassie Gebray, Programme Officer; e-mail; gebrishaf@gmail.com

Gebreslassie Gebray

Programme Officer of Chain Of Love O.N.G.

Brtukan Gebretinsae, Secretary and Cashier; e-mail; brti24@gmail.com

Brtukan Gebretinsae

Secretary and Cashier of Chain Of Love O.N.G.

Amene Haileslassie, General Manager (2)

Amene Haileselassie

Presidente dell’ associazione Chain of Love per Adigrat.